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Your teeth, your secret

Want to get your teeth straightened? Want to do it without having to make a big deal of it and have your braces on display? Yep, you wouldn’t be the first person to require a way of straightening teeth so that you can continue to go about your daily business without broadcasting to the whole world what you are up to.

Thankfully, someone had the same needs and came up with a brilliant way of straightening mild to moderately misaligned teeth that takes pretty much all the hassle out of the process.

It’s called Invisalign. In SW14, you can get this revolutionary way of straightening teeth from us here at Sheen Dental. But before you come in for a consultation, let us tell you a bit more about why we love Invisalign in SW14 so much.

Invisible Invisalign

A big claim to make, but this is how Invisalign can make it. These not-braces, which resemble mouth guards rather than the brackets and wires we normally associate with teeth straightening, are made of ultra-thin, 0.3mm, clear plastic. They are custom-made to your teeth and when you snap them on, they more or less disappear from view. You may not fool your mum, or us, but most people won’t see them.

Removable Invisalign

Whereas traditional braces are cemented onto the teeth, Invisalign mouth guard-style aligners are removable. They snap onto clips on your back teeth. But you take them out to eat your meals and also to drink anything other than plain water. This takes a whole load of hassle out of wearing braces. You can continue to eat whatever takes your fancy without having to worry about breaking your braces, or getting food irreversibly stuck in them. You just put them in your carry case and clean your teeth before putting them back in.

You must wear your aligners for at least 20 hours a day though, if you are going to stay on track with your treatment. In SW14, Invisalign takes, on average, a year to complete. And when it’s done, you need to wear a retainer, until your teeth have settled into place.









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