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What’s Best, Separate Dental Implant Crowns Or Connected Dental Implant Teeth?

If you’re looking to replace several missing teeth with dental implants in Richmond, then you may be wondering whether the solution would be individual dental implant crowns for each missing tooth or a series of connected dental implant teeth on a bridge.

Most patients generally prefer the idea of individual teeth since this allows them to floss between each crown as they would their natural teeth. Another advantage of this is that should a crown break or crack then it can easily be repaired or replaced as just one isolated tooth, instead of possibly having to replace two or more connected teeth.

Having said this there are some disadvantages to individual implant teeth. If a patient’s teeth are long due to vertical bone loss then it can mean that more food gets stuck between two implants next to each other. It might seem a little odd that more food would get stuck between two teeth that aren’t connected but it occurs because implants don’t have a structure known as a periodontal ligament which acts as a kind of buffer helping to prevent bacteria invading the inner parts of the teeth. When a dentist adjusts the spaces between the implants to install the crowns, then a good or a bad space can be created, depending on his level of skill. Finally, single dental implants crowns are more prone to breakage than ones which are joined together.

Connected dental implants have a disadvantage in that they’re connected but in another way this also acts as an advantage. Typically they are used in areas where the bite force is strong and yet the bone is soft and this is generally the upper molars. If you’ve needed a bone graft to give some bone back to this area, then connected dental implants help distribute the biting force more evenly which over time will help to prevent bone loss which can occur around dental implants which get overloaded when a patient clenches or grinds their teeth. Connected implants are also less likely to break.

So which is best?

Each and every case is unique and here at Sheen Dental we recommend different methods for different patients and different areas of the mouth. If you’re considering a dental implant in Richmond then we’d suggest you book a free no-obligation consultation where we can give you an oral examination and discuss your options. Call us today on 020 8876 5277 or visit our website at www.sheendental.co.uk for more information on all our dental treatments. Dr. Harmit Kalsi and the team look forward to meeting you.









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