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What Is the Process for Planning Dental Implant Surgery?

If you have thought about having dental implants in Richmond, then the process for planning the actual surgery will follow several distinct steps. The first step will be to see whether or not you’re suitable for having dental implants, and for this your dentist will need to examine your mouth and will ask you about your medical history. It’s important that you are in good general health, and this means not having any signs of untreated dental diseases, and not having any medical conditions or lifestyle habits that could detrimentally affect healing. Two prime examples are uncontrolled diabetes and smoking.

Diabetes does impede healing and diabetics are less able to fight off infections especially when the disease is uncontrolled. If you are diabetic and it’s well under control and your blood sugar are levels steady, then you still might be able to have dental implants. It’s something that will be assessed on an individual basis.

If you smoke or use any tobacco products then you need to be prepared to give up this habit prior to having implant surgery. This is because smoking narrows the blood vessels making it more difficult for the body to send nutrients to the implant site so it can heal properly. In fact it’s best to quit altogether, to help ensure the long-term success of dental implants. Some people are worried that being older might rule them out for having dental implants, but this isn’t the case. Dental implants can be successfully used to help older people, especially those who struggle with loose dentures. It’s far more important that you be in good health than particularly young.

The next step is to assess the site for your dental implants in Richmond. To do this your dentist might take photographs, x-rays and probably CT scans. These are all used to help evaluate the quantity and quality of bone in your jaw, and are extremely useful in helping to plan the actual surgery. In addition your dentist might choose to construct surgical guides which are a type of template used to ensure the implant is precisely inserted into the jaw to give the best possible results. It’s quite possible that this part of the evaluation may show insufficient bone in certain areas. This is something that can happen if the teeth were lost to periodontal disease that has destroyed the bone surrounding the tooth, or if the teeth were lost quite some time ago.

If there is insufficient bone then it’s not usually a significant problem as you can have a bone graft at Sheen Dental to build up the bone in the required areas. This is something that might be carried out at the same time as the actual implants, or otherwise you’ll need to be prepared to undergo another small surgical procedure prior to having the implants. Having a bone graft can add more time to the overall length of treatment but choosing dental implants in Richmond is still often considered to be the gold standard for replacing teeth.

Once the planning process is complete then your dentist will be able to schedule your dental implant surgery. This part of the process is quite quick as a single dental implant in Richmond can take as little as an hour or so to insert. Afterwards you’ll be given for instructions on how to care for the implant site, and of course you’re always free to contact Sheen Dental at any time if you’re ever concerned.









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