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What Is an Implant Overdenture?

An implant overdenture is a denture that is supported by dental implants. It is used when there are no natural teeth remaining in the jaw, but where there is enough bone to support the placement of dental implants in Richmond. The denture is constructed to have special attachments on its fitting surface, which is the surface closest to the gums. These snap onto the attachments on the dental implants in the jaw. This means the denture is entirely supported by the implants and doesn’t rest on the gums, whereas conventional dentures are completely supported by the gums.

What Does an Implant Overdenture look like?

An implant overdenture that has been constructed to replace a lower denture will look very similar to an ordinary denture until you turn it over and look at the fitting surface. It will either have attachments that clip onto a bar attached to the implants, or it will have a ball and socket type fixture, so the denture attachments will fit over the ball-shaped attachments on the dental implants in the jaw.

Is An Implant Overdenture Only Suitable for Lower Dentures?

Implant overdentures are generally made to replace lower dentures as these tend to be less stable than other dentures, but it’s possible to replace upper dentures with an overdenture. In this case you’ll notice it looks quite different from an ordinary denture as the hard palate will be completely uncovered as it’s no longer necessary to have this additional retention. This should help make the denture a lot more comfortable to wear, but there’s one other huge advantage of having this type of denture construction.

Your upper palate has thousands of tiny taste buds, and uncovering these should mean you get much more enjoyment when eating, and of course having overdentures means you’ll be able to enjoy a greater variety of foods without worrying about your dentures becoming displaced.

Implant overdentures need to be removed every day for cleaning in exactly the same way as you would normal dentures but paying particular attention to the actual implant attachments. It’s important to leave the dentures out overnight, and this might not appeal to everyone. If you would prefer a non-removable prosthesis then it’s best to talk to your dentist about having a fixed bridge but this is likely to require a greater number of implants.

The process of having an implant overdenture does take several months from surgery to completion, and during this time you will probably be provided with a temporary denture that is constructed in a way that will not place any pressure on the implants while they heal. Several months after the implant surgery your dental implants should be fully integrated with your jawbone and your dentist will be able to begin the process of making your new overdenture. This is likely to require several visits to Sheen Dental before it is completed in acrylic.

Once your overdenture is finished you should notice a considerable improvement in eating and speaking, but it’s still best to avoid extremely hard or sticky foods as these could damage your overdenture. If you’re interested in finding out more about the process for having a dental implant in Richmond it’s best to contact Sheen Dental for a free consultation.









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