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What is a Dental Implant, and How Does it Work?

If you are considering having a dental implant in Richmond then you’re probably interested in finding out exactly what these and how it works. It’s easiest think about it being a little bit like an artificial tooth root, as in the implant post is designed to replace your natural tooth roots and is inserted into the jawbone. The post is generally made from titanium or very occasionally from a ceramic like material called zirconia. Titanium is a metal that’s often used to replace joints in the body as it’s extremely inert and nonreactive so it’s well accepted by the natural bone.

Once the implant post has been placed and has fully integrated with the jawbone then your dentist will attach the second part of the implant which is called an abutment. There are lots of different types of abutments, as they can be made from metal or zirconia, and the choice does depend on the type of tooth restoration. The abutments used to secure dentures will be quite different to those used to secure crowns and bridges. It’s best to think of the abutment as being like a very tiny and very strong post that can support whichever type of tooth restoration is being used. Most dental implants consist of the implant post and the abutment which is attached separately, but some types of dental implants in Richmond consist of one single unit.

The actual placement of dental implant is extremely important as it has to be very precise in order to make maximum use of the surrounding bone, and to make sure that not too much force is placed on a single implant. When you visit Sheen Dental to have your implant planned you might be surprised at just how in-depth the process has to be. It’s this degree of precision that helps ensure implant surgery is successful.

How Long Will Implant Placement Take to Complete?

It is not a quick process, as a dental implant can take anywhere from three months to nine months or even a year or more to complete. Every person is different and the exact time frame does depend on the number of factors such as the implant site, and whether or not this has sufficient healthy bone to support the implant. During this time you will be provided with some sort of temporary teeth to keep you going, and although it takes time to compete in implant the results are long-lasting.

What I Need to Take Much Time off Work?

You will need to visit your dentist quite a few times for your implant to be planned, for the actual surgery, and for the final restoration to be made and then fitted. All these appointments shouldn’t take too long, and the surgery for dental implants is normally carried out under local anaesthetic. The exception might be if you intend to have a lot of implants placed at the same time as your dentist may recommend conscious sedation to keep you more comfortable. If you just have a single dental implant then you can reasonably expect to be able to return to work the next day, but if you have had quite a lot of implant surgery you might need a bit longer off work to recover. Dental implants have been successfully placed for decades now, and the technology is extremely well tested and is constantly improving so the whole procedure is very safe.









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