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What Happens When Teeth Are Missing?

Most people who undergo treatment for dental implants in Richmond, or indeed anywhere else in the UK do so because they have missing teeth. Whether this has occurred naturally through improper diet, or because of an accident or injury, it can set off a catalyst of events that can lead to a severe decline in your oral health. So what happens when you have missing teeth? Let’s take a look….

One of the very first things that happen is that the bone that was once holding the tooth root in place will start to degenerate. This process continues until eventually the mouth area of the face will loose any kind of structure. This is why people with missing teeth always appear to have sunken faces and appear much older than they physically are.

The second thing that will occur is that there is likely to be a migration of adjacent teeth towards the gap where the missing tooth or teeth once were. As well as looking unsightly it can in some circumstances cause bite problems. When teeth start to move, oral hygiene can also be difficult to maintain leading to further possible tooth decay and gum disease.

In addition the ‘partner’ tooth (that is the tooth that would normally close against it on the opposite jaw) may begin to push further out of line from the jaw. This is because there is nothing to push or bite against to keep it in position. Not only does this cause more bite problems but it may also be far more susceptible to decay if the gum isn’t in a healthy state.

As tooth loss begins, teeth that are nearby also become weakened, setting off a chain of events that can eventually affect the way that you eat, and indeed what you eat. This often results in poor nutrition which in turn can be cause for concern in other areas of the body.

As you can see, although it might not at first seem like a big deal, especially if it’s a back tooth and not visible, it soon becomes one, if not dealt with. With this in mind, if you have one or more missing teeth and are asking yourself “when is the best time to do something about it?” the answer is now!

So what are your options?

Well you can consider dentures or bridges. However, even though both of these offer a good value solution when it comes to tooth replacement, you may want to look at the bigger picture before you opt for one of the above. Dentures for example have a shelf life of 10-15 years at most and require continual adjustment as the bone continues to degenerate. In addition they can also become a source of frustration and embarrassment as they can have a tendency to slip when placed in the mouth. When being fitted with a bridge, it needs to be supported by healthy teeth which are then shaped or cut down to accommodate it. This then makes normal healthy teeth more prone to decay and root problems further down the line.

Are there any other alternatives?

More and more people are now turning to dental implants as an alternative method of tooth replacement and although considerably more expensive than bridges or dentures, they certainly have their advantages. Firstly they are set directly into the jaw bone which halts the degeneration of any bone. Secondly they aren’t susceptible to tooth decay, but they look and feel just like natural teeth. Finally, if good oral hygiene is practiced they never need replacing as they can last a lifetime.

For further information about missing teeth and how implants can help then contact Sheen Dental. We’ve been fitting dental implants in Richmond with great success for many years and as such invite you to book a free no obligation consultation with us to discuss your options. So call us today on 020 8876 5277 or visit the website at www.sheendental.co.uk You’ll be glad that you did!









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