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What Exactly Is A Dental Crown?

When you decide to opt for a dental implant in Richmond, then you’re probably already aware of the marvels of the titanium implant itself and what it can actually do. However, collectively a dental implant is made up of three component parts and aside from placing the implant, the fitting of the abutment and most importantly, the dental crown, also play a vital role in the process. Without the crown, the implant would be pretty much useless, so with this in mind, let’s take a further look at the dental crown and see how it works in conjunction with the whole process.

Often called a ‘cap’ a dental crown does exactly this in that it ‘caps off’ the implant by slotting down onto it completing the lifelike look of a natural tooth. As the crown is visible, it needs to look as real as possible and for this reason dental technicians will go to very high lengths to make sure that it matches the rest of your natural looking teeth.

So why porcelain?

Although dental crowns can be fashioned from a wide variety of materials including gold, it’s got to be said that they’re not particularly life-like. For this reason most crowns are made using PFM. This is porcelain fused to high-noble metal. That said, many are also made from all porcelain, especially if they’re going to be placed in the front of the mouth  Porcelain is both lightweight yet incredibly durable and can easily be moulded into the perfect individual tooth. In addition to this, porcelain is also both stain resistant and heat resistant.

Colour matching

With porcelain being white in colour it’s already a good starting point for teeth. However if you decide to undergo dental implants In Richmond then one of the most exciting parts for the patient is getting to choose their own colour match. Colour matching can take a tooth anywhere from a ‘Hollywood sparkle’ through to a lesser shade of white and with the help of the dental team, you can choose a perfect colour shade that blends in seamlessly with your other teeth. A colour chart is used and with the help of computers and of course plenty of technical skill, the exact colour match is recreated in the crown making it completely unique to you.

If you want to find out more about dental crowns or indeed dental implants in general, then speak to Sheen Dental. We’ve been placing dental implants in Richmond using our experienced team for many years and as such, know exactly how to create a completely lifelike finished product. So if you want to take the first steps towards bringing back your smile, then contact us on 020 8876 5277, or visit our website at www.sheendental.co.uk where you can book a free, no obligation consultation.









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