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What Can Cause Dizziness Following A Sinus Lift Bone Graft?

Otherwise known as vertigo, dizziness is a complication which in rare cases can occur in patients who undergo an internal sinus lift in order for dental implants to be placed in the upper jaw. Here at Sheen Dental we have been placing dental implants in Richmond for a great number of years and we’ve only encountered a handful of patients who have developed vertigo. Fortunately this is a short term condition which seems to be more common in elderly patients and can leave them feeling dizzy, and often nauseous.

A sinus lift is needed in patients who have less than 10mm of bone in their upper jaw, and which has likely occurred because of sinus expansion. By lifting the sinus, it will give sufficient bone height to replace the upper molars.

The surgeon lifts the bone so that it forms a kind of tent over the top of the implant and this is done using both an osteotome tool and light taps from a surgical mallet. He then places bone by adding it through the implant hole. It’s this light tapping from the mallet as the patient is laying down with their neck position possibly hyper-extended which can throw off the balance in part of the ears. There are inorganic particles inside the ear called otoliths which are similar to crystals. These are contained in fluid in the semi-circular ear canals and can be displaced by the tapping action. As you probably know, ears are responsible for our balance and this temporary displacement can lead to a temporary feeling of dizziness or vertigo.

If you’ve had a problem with vertigo in the past then we’d recommend that you tell your dentist this before the procedure goes ahead. Fortunately very few patients suffer from vertigo and it usually disappears of its own accord with 10-14 days or at the most within a month.

If we’re aware of the patient from having suffered with vertigo in the past then we will often recommend that they have IV sedation during treatment to keep them relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure. If the patient is not stressed and the neck is in a good position then good dental techniques will normally limit the force that is placed on the mallet. As a result this should also reduce the rare chance of a patient developing vertigo following an internal sinus lift.

If you’re seeking a dental implant in Richmond then it’s worth noting that complication like this are extremely rare but like any surgery there is always risks, so we like our patients to be well informed before agreeing to any procedure. If you’d like to discuss implants in more depth to see if they are suitable for you, then why not book a free no-obligation with Sheen Dental by calling 020 8876 5277 or visiting our website at www.sheendental.co.uk









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