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What are The Major Causes Of Dental Fear?

According to the British Dental Association over one quarter of the UK population suffer some form of anxiety before paying a visit to the dentist. What’s more, studies show that around 12% suffer from extreme dental anxiety. So what causes people to fear the dentist? Let’s take a look at the main causes.

Fear of dental pain

This is a very common fear, especially in those who have a low pain threshold. These people will find it increasingly uncomfortable to expose themselves to what is perceived to be a potentially painful situation such as surgery for a dental implant. In Richmond, however, here at Sheen Dental we use the latest technology to practice pain free dentistry. With the help of conscious sedation techniques, we can help nervous patients to experience the true benefits that dental implants can bring, but by feeling very little or no pain.

Dental drill fear

Many people have an innate fear of the dental drill. They may see a dental drill as a huge monstrous alien that causes much discomfort as it reverberates through their teeth. Fortunately technology has moved on and now dental drills are often no larger that a pen. In reality, they’re virtually silent, precision instruments that cause hardly any reverberation.

Sheer embarrassment

Often a fear of the dentist stems from a fear of embarrassment due to the state of the patient’s own teeth. This is especially true if their oral health has been neglected over the years. The reality is however that modern-day dentists are here to help and won’t pass judgement. In fact, they’ll be glad that you are taking the steps towards addressing the situation and will want to work with you to  make sure that you once again have a perfect smile that you can be proud of.

Bad experiences in the past

Previous dental experiences stemming right back to childhood can have an impact on future visits to the dentist. It could be because of a particularly painful visit, or what seemed like an abrupt or non caring dentist. Nowadays, here at Sheen Dental we’ve been helping patients with dental implants in Richmond for many years and as such we invite patients to come and speak to us, meet the team and visit the clinic in order to put their minds at ease.

If you’re a nervous or anxious patient considering undergoing the process for a dental implant in Richmond, then why not come and speak to Sheen Dental On 020 8876 5277. Our experienced and friendly team led by Dr Harmit Kalsi will put your mind at ease. In addition, why not check out our website at www.sheendental.co.uk where you’ll find a wealth of information on the dental implant process to help you make an informed decision.









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