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Using Dental Implants To Replace Baby Teeth

For most people it’s normal as a child to gradually lose their baby teeth and be rewarded with a small gift of money from the “tooth fairy” every time this happens. In time the permanent adult teeth make an appearance and no longer does a child have that cute gappy smile. However, this doesn’t always happen and for a small amount of adults they are left with baby teeth which often don’t drop out until somewhere between the age of 20-45. What’s worse is that there is no adult tooth waiting to make an appearance. The question is “what’s the best thing to do when this happens?”

Typically the most common teeth to be missing are either or both of the incisors which are located next to the large upper middle front teeth. The most common method to replace this missing tooth or teeth is with a dental implant. In Richmond at Sheen Dental we have helped several adults with this dilemma, and since these teeth are in such a prominent position then for cosmetic reasons alone, an implant is often the best solution.

Another tooth that is often missing is located right in the middle of the lower jaw, a pre-molar known as the bicuspid. What is a concern here is that it often sits right on top of a nerve. As a result it takes extreme care to avoid the nerve during the dental implant procedure and as a result we often use a mini dental implant. CT scans will be taken to get the precise location of the nerve and also to assess a special curve of the nerve which is known as the “mental loop.”

Another point to note is that the size of the dental implant and the size of the baby tooth are very different. The pre-molar tooth that should have been there is actually smaller than a baby tooth which makes an implant look more like a molar and in the front of the mouth, it’s the opposite and more space is needed to prevent the tooth from looking too small. In addition, if you’re missing just one permanent tooth then the midline of your smile can sometimes shift from one side to another giving you a crooked smile. This is why it’s necessary for your dentist to work closely with an orthodontist to make sure that he gets the spacing correct when placing the implant so the end results looks natural. Planning really is key when replacing baby teeth with dental implants.

So if you’re still left with a baby tooth or teeth then we can help with a dental implant in Richmond to solve your problem. We’ll make a full diagnosis and draw up a treatment plan well in advance of any treatment so that the process is smooth and easy for you. Why not call us for a free no-obligation consultation on 020 8876 5277 or book online at www.sheendental.co.uk









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