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The Real Advantages of Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns have been used for many years in dentistry and not without good reason. So whether you’re undergoing treatment for dental implants in Richmond, or cosmetic restoration at a Harley Street specialist, there’s a pretty good chance that they will feature somewhere in the process. So why are they so popular? Let’s take a look.


Porcelain crowns have a wide number of uses due to their durable and natural looking form and these include:

  • Hiding cracked or chipped teeth

  • Preserving existing decaying teeth

  • Protection of a tooth after root canal surgery

  • Finishing off dental implants for that truly ‘real’ look, and finally…

  • Taking care of aesthetic imperfections in areas where dental bonding doesn’t work.

Long lasting

Dental porcelain is one tough material and when formed into dental crowns they can easily last for 15 years, or in some instances if cared for properly, twice as long.

Non-staining properties One of the great things about porcelain is that it has anti-staining properties meaning that when fitted as a crown, it won’t discolour. As long as a patient practices sound oral hygiene, then there’s no reason why it shouldn’t retain it’s original colour for many years to come.

Incredibly realistic

As porcelain is naturally white it can look incredibly realistic. So much so in fact that when placed as a crown on a dental implant, and then it can be very hard for the normal ‘lay’ person to notice the difference. In fact if you’re undergoing treatment dental implants in Richmond, then here at Sheen Dental we go to painstaking lengths to make sure that your prosthetic crown is an exact match to the rest of your teeth in order to give that natural looking smile.

As you can see, porcelain is pretty much the material of choice for both dentists and patents alike and because of its outstanding properties in a wide number of areas, it’s very easy to see why.

If you want to find out more about your options for crowns or dental implants then you really need to speak with Sheen Dental. We’re a modern dental clinic dealing with all different forms of preventative, cosmetic and restorative dentistry including dental implants in Richmond and have been doing so for many years. By booking a free, no-obligation consultation with us, you can speak with Dr Harmit Kalsi and the team, take a look at the practice and get any questions or concerns that you have answered, before you decide on any form of treatment. So what are you waiting for! Contact us on 020 8876 5277 or visit the website at www.sheendental.co.uk and book yours today.









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