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The Dramatic Rise Of The Dental Implant

In 2014, anyone seeking dental implants in Richmond, or indeed anywhere else in the country is fortunate enough to be able to choose from a wide range of implant specialists. As such patients can afford to be choosy about who they decide to use. However if we go back just 20 years to the late 1990’s, unless you were hugely rich  and had a pioneering dentist, then your only option if you lost many of your teeth would be a set of  false teeth or ‘falsies’.

Cheap and cheerful and available on the NHS, the majority of them were pretty useless as fully functioning teeth and looked terrible to boot! The remaining few did actually look okay and sometimes even managed to stay fixed into place, but it was often a lottery as to which type you got.

If we go back just 10 years to the early naughties and you had the same problem (eg, lost many or all of your teeth) you may have been lucky enough to find a dentist who could replace entire sets of bottom and top teeth. However the costs involved would certainly  have been enough to make a grown man cry. A full set of porcelain teeth for instance would have needed 10 implants to support them. Each tooth would then have been lovingly crafted by the technician who would have spent weeks if not months making them.

Soon dentists began to realise that this just wasn’t cost-effective, so instead of creating individual teeth for each gap, a clever dentist began to strategically place dental implants at certain points along the gum and used them to support a  reconfigured denture which snapped into place. The result was an implant related denture. This meant no more moving dentures and a much cheaper way of restoring entire areas of missing teeth. Result? Well not quite.

You see, there’s still the fundamental problem that an implant related denture is still exactly that! By this I mean that in a patient’s eyes they’re still dentures! They have to be taken out at night and cleaned as you would standard dentures, so no matter how well they ‘stay put’ the patient is still in effect sporting a set of ‘falsies’.

Fast forward to 2010 and full-arch implant dentistry became a way of bridging the gap (excuse the pun!) between full dental implants and full dentures. Now, people who have experienced full missing teeth (top, bottom or both) can have dental implants in Richmond that look and feel like real teeth without having to undergo 10 implants. Instead an arch system containing life-like teeth can be anchored to just 4 implants, giving them a great set of natural looking teeth that are both comfortable and permanent. What’s more the cost is far less than what it would have been if a patient underwent an entire dental implant replacement.

There’s no doubt that implants have come a long way in only a relatively short period and who knows what the future holds for dental implants. Only time will tell.

If you want to find out more about how a dental implant in Richmond can improve your oral and overall health then speak to Sheen Dental. We’ve been fitting dental implants for many years and know first hand by speaking to our many patients the happiness that they can bring. Contact us on 020 8876 5277, or visit our website at www.sheendental.co.uk and book your free, no-obligation consultation today.









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