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Lost a tooth? A dental implant can replace it!

Losing a tooth can happen as a result of an accident or due to poor oral hygiene. You don’t have to suffer the indignity of a lost front tooth or the difficulty of chewing because of a lost rear tooth. At Teddington Dental Practice our friendly and empathetic team of skilled and experienced dentists can offer you an alternative to dentures and bridges. As a longstanding member of the community for the past 25 years we have brought stable and enduring relief through dental implants Teddington to many of our satisfied patients.

Don’t look older, before your time

One of the unfortunate consequences of losing a tooth is that your body stops supplying your jawbone with vital nutrients in the area of loss, resulting in bone resorption. This causes a sunken appearance to your face. Bridges and dentures rest on top of your gum and therefore provide no stimulation to your jawbone. The surrounding teeth also have a tendency to move, to try and shift towards the gap. Dental implants Teddington are planted into your jawbone and as the bone starts to fuse with the implant, your body is alerted and it starts to supply the necessary nutrients to the jawbone again. This will reverse the bone resorption process and the appearance of your face will slowly start to change and look fuller.

What happens if I don’t replace a lost tooth?

It is unwise not to replace a lost tooth. If it is a front tooth, the obvious aesthetics of having a tooth missing can be a knock to your confidence. You may also be more vulnerable to infection because the tissue of your gum will be exposed to bad bacteria. Empty dental sockets can trap food particles and it becomes difficult to remove bacteria and plaque with brushing. Oral bacteria may enter your bloodstream and lead to heart or lung problems. Normally your teeth exert pressure on the ones on either side and this is how they provide support for each other. The minute that support is no longer there, teeth on either side may drift towards the missing tooth socket. Your teeth, gums and jawbone all rely on each other to remain healthy. Dental implants Teddington provide that support so that the oral health integrity of your mouth is maintained.

A simple logic

The logic behind implants is very simple and straightforward and does nothing more than mimic your natural teeth. Of course the procedure requires the skill and experience of our team who will plan the procedure from start to finish with meticulous accuracy. We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that you receive the best treatment. A small incision is made in your gum to expose your jawbone and a small hole is drilled. We then screw an artificial root made from titanium into your jawbone. Titanium is used because it has a natural affinity with bone and fuses naturally. After a period of recovery we will place an abutment onto the titanium post which provides a stable connection between the titanium root and your prosthetic tooth. Finally your prosthetic tooth or crown, which has been shaped and coloured to match your natural teeth, is placed onto the abutment. The gap in your teeth has now been replaced with an unobtrusive substitute restoring your aesthetic appearance and stimulating your jawbone.


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