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I Wear Full Dentures, What Could Dental Implants Do for Me?

The answer is quite a lot, as you can have dental implants in Richmond which can support an entire upper or lower denture. This is an increasingly popular solution for people who have worn dentures for quite some time. Even though full dentures are a very cost-effective solution at replacing lost teeth they can create a number of problems. A denture that starts off fitting extremely well and which has good retention can become loose and ill-fitting after just a few years. Although it’s possible to reline dentures to get them to fit a bit better, the real problem is due to bone being lost in the jaw.

Why Do Dentures Become Loose and Ill Fitting?

The roots of natural teeth not only help to support the teeth and to hold them firmly in position, but also transmit the forces created during chewing and biting into food. This sends messages to the bone which make sure it keeps on renewing old bone cells so the jawbone remains exactly the same size and shape. Once the tooth roots are extracted then these messages are no longer sent to the body and as a result old bone cells are not renewed, so the bone in the jaw gradually begins to disappear or be reabsorbed.

This is something that is particularly evident in the lower jaw. When the teeth are first extracted then the bony ridge is quite prominent and provides good retention to keep a denture in place. As it flattens off it can become increasingly difficult for the denture to remain in the correct position, and even relining or remaking the denture cannot really solve this problem.

Implant Supported Dentures

This is where choosing to have dental implants in Richmond could offer a viable solution. Some people might be worried that it will cost a lot, but in fact a lower denture can be secured with as few as 4 implants, bringing the costs of this treatment well within the reach of many people.

The implants are placed towards the front of the mouth as this is where the bone tends to be at its strongest and most dense, and are specifically angled to provide good retention. Usually the two implants right at the front of the mouth will be inserted vertically, while the implants either side of these will be angled. The denture is constructed to have special implant attachments on the fitting surface which will either snap or click onto the implants in the mouth. Once the denture is in position then the implants are locked together and the loads created during chewing and biting are evenly spread across all four. You might also hear this method of using dental implants to secure dentures being called the all-on-four technique.

Suitable for Replacing Upper and Lower Dentures

Dental implants are most commonly used for lower dentures, but can also be used to securely hold upper dentures in position. If you currently wear an upper denture then you’re probably used to having your upper palate covered up. This is necessary when designing upper dentures as it helps to provide extra retention. Replacing a conventional upper denture with dental implants will mean your denture can be constructed in a slightly different way and will be a horseshoe shape similar to that of a lower denture. This provides far less bulk and makes it easier to taste food. Using dental implants in Richmond to replace an upper denture will normally require at least six implants, but it’s best to contact Sheen Dental for more information.









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