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How to Deal With Implant Failure

The rise of dental implants over the last decade or so has as much to do with their success rate as it does advances in technology and as such anyone looking to undergo treatment for dental implants in Richmond, or anywhere else in the UK can expect success rates of up to 95%. However despite the skill of the implantologist or dental surgeon performing the treatment, many dental implants fail because of a lack of after care from the wearer. If you put it into statistical terms, around 1 in 20 of the 10,000 or so implants fitted every year in the UK will fail (many because of poor after care). If you are faced with a failed or failing implant then what are your options?

Think about cost and time Firstly, you may want to remember that if you do have a failed implant, it has failed for a reason. This may be because the titanium rod hasn’t fused with the jaw bone properly, or that it has been implanted into poor or insufficient bone mass, or that periodontal disease (gum disease) has taken hold. Whatever the reason, it isn’t as simple as taking out the failed implant and replacing the new one. Instead, the problem or issue has to be addressed first. This may mean a bone graft to rebuild the bone mass or treatment to eradicate bacteria that causes gum disease. If this is the case, then it’s going to take further time and obviously more cost. Therefore you may want to ask yourself, ‘If it’s at the back of the mouth and not visible, can I live without it’? It’s also worth pointing out that a failing implant causes no pain and often the first you know about it is when it has become loose or fallen out completely. Obviously if it’s in a more prominent position such as the front of your mouth, then you might want to opt for a refit.

Treatment planning

Any good dentist or implantologist worth their salt should put together an individual treatment plan based on observations and tests. As a result, patients should be prepared to discuss dental implant failure with their dentist and the affects that it will have on their plan, should it occur. Sheen Dental for instance are a clinic that has been successfully fitting dental implants in Richmond, for years. They offer a complimentary consultation where patients can discuss such circumstances with the dental implant co-ordinator.

If you’re looking to undergo treatment for a dental implant in Richmond, then make sure you’ve got everything covered with Sheen Dental. We make sure that you are fully aware of every aspect of the process including the possibility of implant failure, so that you’re not going into it blind. For total peace-of-mind, call us on 020 7255 1668 or visit our website at www.sheendental.co.uk today, You’ll be glad that you did.









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