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How Modern Day Eating Is Affecting Our Teeth

Here at Sheen Dental we’ve been fitting dental implants in Richmond for many years and in the last decade or so, we have noticed an increase in patients with severe endentulous problems. However, according to research bad teeth and tooth decay isn’t just a modern epidemic and in fact, it can be traced back some 13,000 years.

Research carried out by the British Dental Health Foundation in conjunction with the Bioarcheology Department at the University College London, suggested that our modern day dental problems started around 13,000 years ago when we made the switch from hunter-gatherers to farmers.

When we think of cavemen and ancient people we imagine them having bad or rotting teeth. In fact the opposite is the reality and the hunter-gatherer as we know them actually had good teeth. This is despite the fact that there were no toothbrushes, antiseptic mouthwashes or even dentists back in the day. One answer is said to come from the foodstuffs that they ate. Everything was in the raw form as things like seeds, nuts, vegetables, fruit and meat made up their dietary requirements.

When we started farming foods became softer and we simply didn’t need to chew as much and the arrival of sugar and it’s mass production sealed our fate. In fact some scientists even go so far as to say that ever since we have given up using our teeth for the purposes of chewing tough items such as smoked meats and nuts, aside from aesthetics and speech, we no longer really need them.

Nowadays, due to a variety of problems including bad diet choices or poor oral health more and more people are being confronted with the prospect of having to deal with missing teeth, and whilst we may not want to or are able to go back to eating seeds, nuts and raw meat, there are things that we can do as modern day individuals to look after our teeth. Good oral health practices, regular trips to the dentist and good food choices can all help

If you have experienced missing teeth then you may want to think about dental implants. They provide patients with the most natural form of tooth replacement that modern dentistry can provide and is a long term, hassle-free solution. For the very best dental implants in Richmond, then contact the experienced and highly skilled team at Sheen Dental and book your free no-obligation consultation with us. Call us on 020 8876 5277 or visit our website at www.sheendental.co.uk









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