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How Changes in Dental Implant Technology Can Benefit You

If you’re suffering a missing or broken tooth then you have several options for replacement. One of the most popular and indeed more permanent solutions is the dental implant. In Richmond, London for example, Sheen Dental have been successfully fitting dental implants for many years and during this time have seen many advances in implant technology, but how does having a dental implant fitted in 2013 benefit you personally. Let’s take a look…

Advances in materials and design

Technological advances in the design and material of implants in recent years have been known to increase success rates. Nowadays, sand blasted and acid-etched coatings on the titanium implants makes it easier for the osseointegration (or bone fusion) process to take place. This process is vital to the overall success of the implant procedure. In addition special designs can now adjust to the characteristics of the tooth the implant is replacing, therefore bearing the right amount of load during mastication.

Sterile and tamper proof

In years gone by there was often a risk of cross contamination when handling the implant. This meant that bacteria could be passed from the implant to the patient when inserted into the jaw bone. In recent years implants are often pre-packed in sterile glass units and some house the fastening screw (the post that is fastened down into the jawbone) inside the body of the implant which can only be released and exposed immediately before insertion, therefore eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.

3D imaging

Here at Sheen Dental we use the latest technology to ensure that the procedure for dental implants in Richmond, causes the least invasion possible. Using 3D imaging the dentist can plan a virtual mock-up of your mouth which includes being able to locate the exact whereabouts of the bone. This means that the dentist doesn’t have to cut through the gum to find the whereabouts of the bone. For the patient this equates to less pain and less healing time. In addition 3D imaging can be used as a basis for constructing the prosthetic crown, meaning that the patient doesn’t have to keep returning for continual fittings.

So in 2013, if you decide to opt for a dental implant in Richmond with Sheen Dental, we guarantee you a process that’s safer, less evasive and with a higher level of success than ever before. So why not call us on 020 8876 5277 or visit the website at www.sheendental.co.uk today and speak to us about a complimentary consultation.









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