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How A 3D CAT Scan Can Improve Your Chances Of Dental Implant Success

If you’re having to live with the day to day problems that missing teeth bring and are considering dental implants in Richmond, then chances are it will involve a 3D CAT scan. Normally used as part of the consultation process, this exciting new digital-imaging system can help to improve your chances of implant success; but how?

In essence by taking a 3D image of the area in question it helps the dental team in two key ways. Firstly it allows them to take a closer look at the state of your teeth and most importantly the amount and condition of the surrounding bone. Secondly, using the images taken, it enables the team to build up a personalised treatment plan specific to your needs and requirements.

So how does it work exactly?

Using the 3D imaging it’s possible to make a virtual mock-up of your teeth, jaws and surrounding area. Having a perfect three dimensional model is just like having an exact replica of your mouth right in front of the dental team. From this they can examine it, move it around, zoom in and out and even perform virtual trial surgery. This means that your treatment can be mapped out right down to the finest detail, all without any form of invasive surgery.

No exploratory surgery

Even though x-rays have been around since the early 20th century and were commonly used in dentistry they didn’t have the ability to tell the exact density of bone. This meant that prior to the invention of 3D imaging, if you were undergoing a dental implant in Richmond, you would have had to undergo exploratory surgery so that the dentist could discover the exact location of the relevant anatomical structures within the mouth. Now, 3D imaging does all of this for us, so no longer does a patient have to go ‘under the knife’ prior to the actual implantation process.

What does it feel like to undergo a 3D Cat scan?

In essence it’s a painless event that literally takes just a couple of minutes at most. The patient will be sitting very still but comfortable, while an imaging scanner slowly rotates around their head. It takes super-fast snapshots (somewhere around 150 -600 images during that time) and afterwards most people are surprised at just how quick the whole procedure is.

3D imaging is an indispensable tool that takes the guess work out of dental implants in Richmond. As a result patients stand a much better chance of correct implant placement, leading to greater implant success.

If you want to find out more about 3D imaging, or dental implants in general, call 020 8876 5277 and speak to Sheen Dental. We’ve been placing implants at our Richmond clinic for many years and truly understand the benefits that they can bring to people with missing teeth. You can also contact us via our website at www.sheendental.co.uk. Our friendly and experienced team are standing by to help.









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