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Do You Know Why Your Teeth Diminish Over Time?

Many people feel somewhat frustrated that their teeth seem to diminish over time even though they look after them. It really is frustrating when you have a broken or missing tooth and it gets replaced by a denture, only for a year or so after to see another tooth break, requiring yet another denture. For this reason some people turn to dental implants. In Richmond here at Sheen Dental we deal in all types of dentistry including preventative, cosmetic and restorative forms and fit both dentures and implants. However, in order to understand why your teeth fail over time you have to look at a number of factors.

Bite forces

When you have a broken tooth and it’s replaced by a denture, you have to remember that your new prosthetic does not give the same bite support as your other natural teeth would. For this reason when we bite down naturally those same forces are then transferred onto your remaining teeth, putting more stress on them. This can cause fractures over time.

Bone atropy

When a tooth is missing, then underlying bone that once supported it starts to slowly degenerate in a process known as bone atrophy. This is caused by a lack of use or stimulation and sadly dentures don’t halt the process. In fact the extra stress put on your adjacent healthy teeth coupled with bone degeneration which occurs gradually over time can exacerbate it, causing your healthy teeth to become loose, break, or fall out altogether.

So what are the options?

Whenever you’re confronted with missing or broken teeth you have four options……

Firstly you could leave it altogether and let nature take it’s cause. Believe it or not some people are happy to do this, especially when the space is at the back of the mouth and not visible. However this is not recommended and will lead to other dental problems.

As already discussed, dentures are another option and have been around in one form or another for centuries. They are still one of the most common forms of tooth replacement and although they do act as a replacement for broken or missing teeth they can’t restore full function.

Bridges are a third option and as a rule they can take more bite force than a standard denture. However by their very nature they need to be supported by adjacent healthy teeth which then have to be ground down and shaped to take the bridge. This means that those initial healthy support teeth are now at risk from further damage through wear and tear.

The fourth and final option is dental implants. In Richmond, we’ve been successfully fitting dental implants for many years and know the real value that they can offer people. They are the closest thing modern dentistry has to natural looking teeth. What’s more, because they are secured into the jaw bone they can restore function and re-stimulate bone to generate new growth.

If you’re fed up with a natural cycle of teeth fall out and replacement, then why not speak to Sheen Dental about undergoing the procedure for dental implants in Richmond. Contact us on 020 8876 5277 or visit our website at www.sheendental.co.uk and book your free no obligation consultation today.









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