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Do I Really Need To Have A Healthy Mouth In Order To Receive Dental Implant Treatment?

The vast majority of people seek treatment for dental implants either because of an awareness of ongoing dental problems such as a recent teeth loss due to gum disease, or as the result of an accident or trauma where they have again experienced a loss of teeth. Therefore in most cases people who make plans to have dental implants don’t have a healthy mouth. However whether you undergo treatment for dental implants in Richmond, London, or anywhere else in the country, you’ll find that these issues or problems will need to be dealt with first in order to fit your new implants.

Basic dental health

Although it’s tempting to think that once you receive your implants you’ll get back your smile and indeed your confidence, the truth of the matter is that unless basic standards of oral hygiene are adhered to, then the implants are more than likely to fail. For this reason basic dental health is paramount. Bacteria can cause gum disease which can in turn weaken the bone and the new implant. Therefore before any implants can be fitted, these issues need to be treated in a logical fashion.

Bone loss

Generally speaking, when a patient has suffered a missing tooth or teeth for long periods of time then it can result in bone loss or bone weakening. An implant needs sufficient healthy bone in which to be anchored into and as a result insufficient or poor bone will not hold an implant. For this reason a patient may need a bone graft prior to implantation. This is where fragments of healthy bone are taken either from other areas of the body, or from a bone bank and grafted on to the existing area.  Healing time is then needed for the bone to take, making for a longer and more costly implant treatment.

If you are looking for dental implants in Richmond and decide on Sheen Dental, they we’ll give you a thorough oral examination including a CT scan before we undertake any form of dental implant procedure. This way we can see a complete 3D overview of your mouth and from this can ascertain which problems need addressing first. Together with you, we’ll work logically to make sure that your mouth is as healthy as it can be before fitting, in order to avoid dental implant failure.

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