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Discovering the Real Facts about Gingivitis

Whether you decide to opt for dental implants in Richmond or anywhere else in the country you’ll find that in order for the clinic to proceed then good oral health is needed. If gingivitis is present then this may be a sign that your oral health isn’t as good as it should be.

So what exactly is gingivitis and what causes it?

In essence it’s an inflammation of the gum caused by bacteria which are present in the mouth. There are many different types of bacteria and unfortunately there isn’t one type that cause this condition. However the collective term for these harmful bacteria is more commonly known as ‘plaque’. The issue with gingivitis is that it might not be instantly recognisable, in that it doesn’t always result in pain. However it can be visible in the form of traces of blood when brushing, or a reddening or slight swelling of the gums. If left and not treated it can cause further problems for your teeth.

When are you at risk from getting it?

Firstly those who don’t practice good oral hygiene (that is, those who don’t brush and floss regularly) will stand a greater chance of suffering from gingivitis. Having said that there are also certain groups of individuals who are more likely to be prone to the problem. Menopausal and pregnant women, those who suffer from leukaemia or diabetes, or indeed those who have contracted the AIDS virus are far more likely to suffer from severe gum inflammation.

How long does it take to eradicate the problem?

If you’ve been diagnosed with gingivitis, then prior to undergoing treatment for a dental implant in Richmond the problem has to be eradicated. The type and length of the treatment does however depend upon the circumstances of the disease.

For instance if you suffer with diabetes then your doctor may look at helping you to manage your blood sugar levels better. If you are vitamin deficient as some pregnant or menopausal women are then a simple course of over-the-counter vitamins may do the trick. Alternatively if you are showing signs of poor oral health your dentist may teach you how to brush and floss correctly, as well as prescribing simple remedies such as rinsing with warm salty water. As a result, and in most cases, early stages of gingivitis should disappear within a week to ten days. If on the other hand your gingivitis is more severe then it may require further courses of action.

As you can see, gingivitis shouldn’t be a cause for concern especially if treated early, but it’s important that the problem is dealt with prior to undergoing treatment for dental implants. In Richmond, here at Sheen Dental we offer a no obligation consultation where you can meet the team and discuss issues such as this before going ahead. Contact us on 020 8876 5277 or visit the website at www.sheendental.co.uk to find out more.









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