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What Are the Different Types of Dental Implants That Might Be Used In Implant Surgery?

Most people who opt to have dental implants in Richmond will end up having conventional dental implants that are tried and tested. These generally consists of three separate components which are the actual implant post that is usually made from titanium, the abutment that is fixed to the post and which may be titanium or zirconia, and the restoration which could be an all-ceramic crown or bridge, a porcelain fused to metal bridge or a denture.

Conventional Dental Implants are Tried and Tested

Conventional implants give highly predictable results and require that the implant is surrounded by a certain

amount of bone that is healthy and strong. This is typically several millimetres. Being surrounded by this much bone allows the implants to integrate strongly with the jawbone so the implant post is more than able to withstand the forces that are creating during biting and chewing. These conventional sized dental implants are ideal when the circumstances allow, but some people will not have sufficient bone or enough space in their jaw for these sized implants. In this case they may be able to have another type of dental implant which is a mini dental implant.

Mini Dental Implants can be Useful in Certain Circumstances

As their name implies, mini dental implants in Richmond are quite a bit smaller. The implant post is not as long, and it is much narrower. Their smaller size does make them more suited to areas of the mouth where the bone might not be so thick, as they can maximise the available bone, enabling patients who had previously been told they were not suitable for dental implants to benefit from this innovative technology. They are also extremely useful for placing implants in tight spaces where there is not sufficient room to place conventional implants.

Mini dental implants can be used to stabilise bridges and dentures. Whereas two or four conventional dental implants might have been used to stabilise a lower denture, six or more mini dental implants can be used instead. The cost of mini dental implants is often lower than conventional dental implants in Richmond, as the procedure to insert them is less complex, and the implants are smaller and may only consist of a single unit that is used to support the restoration, as opposed to a combination of two components as found in conventional dental implants.

Both Types Need Precise Planning

Although the procedure for placing mini implants might be more straightforward, the planning process needs to just as, or even more thorough than for conventional implants. This is because it is important for the mini implants to be precisely positioned in the bone to ensure the load is distributed evenly across all the implants. This part of the process is absolutely essential and requires a lot of precision. The actual procedure can be more suitable for older patients, or for anyone who is nervous about having implant surgery as it is less invasive and the procedure is relatively quick.

The best type of dental implant in Richmond is something your dentist at Sheen Dental will discuss with you during your consultation, and will be based on which will give you the most predictable and most successful results. If you’re interested in finding out more, then why not contact Sheen Dental to book your free consultation.









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