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Dental Tourism and Dental Implant Treatment

Here at Sheen Dental we’ve been fitting dental implants in Richmond successfully for many years and although most of our patients are new to the treatment, we do sometimes see other patients who have received shoddy implant work after going abroad for the procedure. Just to back this up, in a recent survey it was reported that around 12% of UK dental clinics that perform dental implants on a regular basis, have had to ‘put right’ shoddy work on patients who have previously received treatment abroad. This is not to say that all dental implant clinics based outside of the UK carry out ill fitting and shoddy work, and in fact some are renowned centres of excellence, however it does raise a point. So why do people risk everything and have dental treatment abroad? Let’s take a look.

Cheap prices

Most people are drawn to dental tourism in places such as Hungary, Romania, Thailand and Mexico  because of the cheap prices and when someone is offering to fit a dental implant for around £350 per tooth you’d be forgiven for thinking that it was the ‘deal of the century’. However the truth is that you should expect to pay somewhere between 3-5 times this amount. Here’s why! The materials that make up an implant are themselves expensive. Implants use titanium and other semi-precious metals for a number of reasons and clearly they aren’t going to be cheap to manufacture. There’s also the skill levels involved. Those who practice dental implants have undergone much training  and are highly experienced in their field of dentistry. As a result that experience and skill comes at a price.

So how can some clinics abroad offer this service for a fraction of the price?

It might be that they are using lower grade implants to keep costs down. It could also be that they lack the experience so are offering low prices to compensate for this in order to attract customers. It could also be that they simply don’t have the modern technology that many dental clinics do in the UK and as a result don’t have the overheads and upkeep that a modern UK dental practice has.

So what other implications might there be for going abroad to have dental implants?

No room for recourse Another issue when travelling abroad for surgery is that some people found that they were treated perfectly well during the surgical process but afterwards on the occasions that they did experience problems, it was very difficult to go back and get anything done about it. This may be because of the costs involved in travelling back, the language barrier, or that they didn’t read or understand the small print. Whatever the situation it made going back a real issue.

Differing standards of regulation

Whether you decide to undergo dental implants in Richmond or anywhere else in the country you’ll see that all dentists are bound to meet the strict guidelines laid out by the General Dental Council (GDC). Whilst other countries also have their own governing bodies, some of these regulatory bodies may not be stringent as the GDC and therefore dentists may be practicing at a lower standard.

For those that do decide that dental tourism is for them and feel that it is worth the risk then make sure that your clinic of choice speaks perfect English. Also, check out their qualifications and standards of care, and above all read the small print with regard to surgical problems and patient after care.

If you feel that going abroad just isn’t worth the risk and are looking for a clinic dealing in dental implants in Richmond, then look no further. Contact Sheen Dental on 020 8876 5277 or visit our website at www.sheendental.co.uk to book your free consultation today.









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