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Dental Implants in Richmond – Getting Your Questions Answered

If you’re considering undergoing surgery for dental implants in Richmond, you’ll have probably done some basic research on how they can help improve your overall life. However if you need more convincing, or need to know all the facts before you make an informed dental decision then you’ve come to the right place. Here we answer some of the top frequently asked questions about dental implants.

What exactly is a dental implant?

Implants are manufactured screws or cylinders made from titanium which are surgically inserted directly into the jaw bone. Once in place the implant will over time fuse with the surrounding bone  to produce a strong and durable base upon which to attach a false tooth. The implant itself acts very much like a tooth root and the crown which is placed over the implant will look and feel very much like a normal tooth.

How do implants differ from standard dentures?

Implants are secured directly into the jaw unlike dentures which sit on the gumline. This means that they are a permanent fixture so they don’t need to be removed and soaked overnight for cleaning, nor do they need to be held in place by dental fixatives or glues.

How are they fitted?

When it comes to a dental implant in Richmond, here at Sheen Dental, the implant process is carried out in three stages.

Initial implant placement

An implant is surgically placed into the jawbone through a tiny incision in the gum. Following surgery it remains covered for anything up to six months to allow the natural bone tissue to form and develop around the implant holding it in place.

Abutment fitting

Once the bone tissue has successfully formed the implant is uncovered and an abutment is placed onto the implant. This acts as a post or extension as well as a shock absorber between the implant and the new prosthetic tooth. A further 4-6 weeks are often needed for the gum to heal back round the abutment.

Tooth fitting

The final stage is the tooth fitting which is connected via the abutment for the finished look.

The entire process from start to finish can take up to nine months depending upon the healing capabilities of the patient.

How effective are they?

Very! Success rates fall somewhere between 90% and 95% and in cases where implants do fail, it’s usually down to poor oral hygiene.

What about cost?

Compared to dentures, bridges, and crowns, implants are more expensive. However what you get for your money when you undergo surgery for a dental implant in Richmond is a form of tooth replacement that looks, feels and even acts just like a real tooth would.

Who’s eligible for implants?

The best patients to receive implants are those who are in good overall health with healthy gums and sufficient bone structure. For people who smoke, grind their teeth (bruxism) or suffer from systemic problems such as uncontrollable diabetes then there’s a good chance that implants might be less successful. That said every case is thoroughly reviewed before a decision is made.

So there you have it, answers to some of the most frequently asked questions which should help   you make an educated decision. If you need further clarification about undergoing surgery for dental implants in Richmond then why not book yourself a free, no-obligation consultation where you can discuss your options with us. Call us today on 020 8876 5277 or visit our website at www.sheendental.co.uk and make it happen









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