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Dental Bridges – Have They Really Had Their Day?

Did you know that the humble dental bridge has been around for a little over 100 years? Here at Sheen Dental we’re not ones to dismiss anything just because it’s old. Take old cars for example; there’s something unique and special about an old car. The look, the feel and the form are all to be admired. However, even though they’re great fun to drive you probably wouldn’t want to use one as your everyday transport. Chances are it would be completely uneconomic, not to mention damaging for the environment. I guess you could say that it’s similar to having a dental bridge fitted and this is why dental implants in Richmond are the answer. Let us explain…

Dental bridges need the help and support of adjacent teeth which they completely rely on for function. The problem is that in order to accommodate the fit these healthy teeth need to be ground down to pegs. Therefore not only does installing a dental bridge weaken the surrounding teeth, it then leans on them for the remainder of it’s natural life. It’s both parasitic and bad for its surrounding environment.

Costs can escalate with a dental bridge

The extra load that the bridge imparts onto the adjacent teeth is likely to cause them to fail in the long term. As a result a single missing tooth is likely to lead to two or three more when a dentist installs a dental bridge. Therefore in the greater scheme of things, it isn’t really a cost-effective option. In addition when a bridge is fitted, the bone and gums underneath continue to shrink, eventually leaving a dip in the gum just above the bridge tooth. This means that every time a bridge wearer smiles, it doesn’t take an expert to know exactly where the bridge tooth is located. Not what you’d call an elegant modern solution right!

Conversely when you undergo surgery for a dental implant in Richmond, it can solve all of the issues that dental bridges throw up. For instance, an implant is a stand alone tooth replacement which means that it doesn’t rely on other teeth for it’s function and well-being. It’s also incredibly strong and durable, and looks, feels and to some extent acts, just like your normal teeth. As a result it’s often very hard for another person to notice the difference between your real teeth and your tooth replacement. Finally because it’s implanted straight into your jaw bone using a titanium rod, the surrounding bone tissue merges and fuses with it in a process known as osseointegration. All of this means that the bone will no longer shrink.

Given what we now know about dental bridges it does seem that technology has moved on and it really is about  time we put the dental bridge into retirement.

If you want to find out more about what dental implants in Richmond can do for you, then contact Sheen Dental on 020 8876 5277 and make an informed decision about your dental future.









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