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Dental Bone Grafting – There’s No Need To Be Scared

If you’ve looked into the possibility of dental implants in Richmond or elsewhere in the UK you may have been told that you don’t have sufficient bone density and that you require a bone graft before an implant can take place. Now, understandably the thought of a bone graft sounds scary, but in reality once you know and understand the process, it’s really not that bad and will help you focus on the positives of regaining your beautiful smile.

Dental Implants Richmond

When it comes to a missing tooth or teeth a few things can happen. Firstly you need to know that it’s the jaw bone which holds your teeth in place. The roots of your teeth are surrounded by bone and gum tissue and should you lose a tooth then the best course of action really is to have it replaced with either a bridge or an implant. Once a tooth is lost the bone no longer has anything to support and overtime it begins to erode until all that’s left is a hollow where the tooth once was. If you were to try and have an implant placed in that hollow where the original tooth was, then because it is so much lower it’s going to look strange and the implant would give you a long in the tooth look which isn’t quite what you were hoping for.

Small bone graft

In the case of a damaged tooth your dentist will remove it and preserve the bone in that area using a bone grafting procedure which isn’t at all complicated. For this procedure granules made from human bones are packed into the socket immediately after the tooth has been extracted. The sterile granules are then covered with a protective membrane made from collagen and the socket is stitched together using a couple of stitches. Over the coming weeks the socket will fill with your own bone and retain the height long enough for you to have restorative treatment. If you replace the missing tooth with a dental implant then the bone will remain at that height. If you choose a bridge, you will over time lose some of the bone height.

Medium bone graft

If your tooth has been missing for some time then you can still have a dental implant. In Richmond, for example, the Sheen Dental implant team will suggest a more involved bone graft. Opening up the area of the missing tooth with a small incision, the surface of the bone is prepared and bone graft granules inserted to increase the density. Many surgeons like to take a little of the patient’s own bone to guarantee the best results and this is likely to be shaved from an area of jaw bone close to the wisdom teeth and mixed with the other bone granules. Again this is covered with a protective membrane, stitched back together, and left to heal for a matter of several weeks or months. Over time as the bone graft heals it integrates with the bone tissue surrounding it, building up the height and width so that a dental implant can be successfully placed.

Although bone grafting is a surgical procedure it’s one which allows many patients who not so long ago wouldn’t have been able to have a dental implant; to now be able to enjoy the benefits that a dental implant can bring.

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