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Delving Into The Great Sonic Toothbrush Debate

After a patient has undergone surgery for dental implants in Richmond it’s imperative that high levels of oral hygiene are carried out. The simple reason for this is that in the early stages, dental implants can come under attack from bacteria and gum disease. This in turn can destroy the gum and bone surrounding the implant causing it to become loose. Therefore cleaning should be both thorough and frequent. With this in mind, some suggest that a sonic toothbrush is the best tool for the job. However at prices ranging from £60 upwards for a sonic toothbrush and £3 and under for a manual toothbrush, there’s certainly a big difference in the cost; but are they all they’re cracked up to be?

In essence, sonic toothbrushes are like other electric toothbrushes only much quicker. For example a standard electric toothbrush rotates at around 3,000-4,000 strokes per minute, whereas a sonic toothbrush can move somewhere between 30,000-40,000 strokes per minute. As such the extreme vibration caused when placed in the mouth causes a ripple effect creating both energy and motion. As a result this forces fluids (toothpaste, water and saliva) into the areas below the gum line and in between your teeth that standard electric or manual toothbrushes can’t reach. Therefore in this sense a sonic toothbrush is probably superior to other toothbrushes. In addition studies have shown that people tend to brush longer with sonic toothbrushes which can only be a good thing. Finally when asked, the majority of sonic toothbrush users say that their teeth feel cleaner after use.

All that said, does it mean that they are indeed truly better in every sense. In a word no! If your daily routine consists of a 2 minute toothbrush 2 or 3 times a day combined with flossing first thing in the morning, you’re giving your teeth a level of service that far outweighs what a sonic toothbrush can deliver. Unfortunately a sonic toothbrush simply isn’t a substitute for flossing, no matter what the advertising tells you. Some people also use a water flosser which can also deliver a level of cleanliness over and above what a sonic toothbrush can.

So what does this all mean?

It really depends on the individual. If they choose not to floss then a sonic toothbrush is going to serve them better than a manual or electric toothbrush and might be worth investing in. If on the other hand you do happen to brush and floss regularly and/or use a water flosser, then a sonic toothbrush might not be completely necessary. However if you really want to be sure, then a combination of flossing, water flossing AND a sonic toothbrush is going to be an unbeatable team in the fight against plaque.

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