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Cut Price Dental Implants – Are They Really Such A Good Idea?

There’s no getting away from the fact that dental implants are on the rise. In fact last year (2013) over 10,000 people underwent surgery for dental implants in the UK and this figure is only set to increase. Here at Sheen Dental we have been fitting dental implants in Richmond for many years and over the last few years we too have noticed an uptake in the number of people wanting the treatment. As the demand increases then so too are the number of companies that supply them. In what’s fast becoming a saturated market place manufacturers need to be competitive and the results are that some manufacturers are making cheaper implants. The question is, are cut price implants really such a good idea?

One of the main issues is that by its very nature a dental implant is a costly item. It’s a precision engineered piece of equipment that utilises expensive materials such as titanium (for its lightweight strength, durability and it’s ability to osseointegrate), porcelain for its tooth-like qualities, and other semi-precious metals. When you also take into account the amount of time needed to complete the whole process (in some cases up to 9 months) and the specialised nature of fitting them, it comes as no surprise that implants don’t come cheap.

So what’s the issue?

One of the main concerns is that in order to bring down the cost of manufacturing then something has to give. More often than not this is reflected in the materials used in the dental implant. Some companies are substituting pure titanium for lower grade and less expensive materials. Whilst this isn’t illegal, it may have an impact on the effects and indeed the longevity of the implant. Another problem is that some dentists see an increased profit margin if they can buy cheaper and therefore use this to bring down the costs of their overheads.

What should you look for as a potential patient?

If you’re looking for quality dental implants and a service to match then you really should avoid any clinic or service offering cost price or exceptionally cheap implants. While you may think that you’re saving money, the truth is that in the long run cheap implants could cause problems which can be expensive to put right.

So how much should you realistically be paying?

Whether you’re seeking a dental implants in Richmond, or anywhere else in the country then you should be looking to pay somewhere between £900 and £2000 per tooth. Whilst it’s fair to say that not every cheap implant procedure is going to end in disaster, why take that risk in the first place?

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