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Can I Really Get New Teeth In A Day?

You may have come across the term “teeth in a day” and brushed it off as something which just couldn’t be true. However, in some cases as unlikely as something sounds, just occasionally it can actually be true and this is the case when it comes to teeth in day. It stands to reason that we’re talking about replacement teeth and you’re probably thinking we mean dentures, but you may be surprised to find this is not so.

Dental Implants Richmond

When we refer to “teeth in a day” we’re mostly speaking about a procedure which is in the main used for attaching a fixed bridge into the jaw. This is often a better option to a retained denture since it can remain permanently in the mouth and doesn’t need to be removed for cleaning purposes. In addition it won’t become loose but it will give you a set of strong natural looking replacement teeth.

So how does it work? It involves the use of dental implants. In Richmond, at Sheen Dental we use dental implants a lot to replace individual teeth, but when it comes to a complete row of missing teeth or all of a patient’s teeth then replacing each tooth with a single dental implant is not a viable solution. Instead we recommend the use of just 4 dental implants to hold a bridge of teeth in place.

The teeth in a day procedure involves using just 4 implants. Two of them are placed at the front of the jaw at an angle around 90º and the other two are placed at the rear at an angle of 45º. Due to the angle they’re placed at, specially designed dental implants are used. The advantage of this is that the healing period is considerably shorter and also these implants don’t require such a depth of bone as standard implants do. Since bone is lost when teeth are missing, many people require a bone graft before implants can be placed, to give a better depth of bone, and this lengthens the overall treatment time and is also an additional cost.

Although there are a few reasons a person may not be suitable for the all on 4 process often any problems can be easily rectified. For example a gum infection can be treated prior to placing the implants. Once the implants are in place the fixed bridge can be attached and the patient can leave the clinic with a new set of replacement teeth.

The whole procedure can be carried out in a day and patients can start to eat right away, although they will have to eat soft foods initially. Although the procedure isn’t painful since it is carried out using a local anaesthetic there may be some soreness where the implants are placed. Even if you need to have a few teeth extracted, this can be done on the same day with the implants being placed directly into the extraction site in some cases.

If you’re interested in learning more about a dental implant in Richmond then why not get in touch with Sheen Dental. You’ll be given the opportunity of a free consultation where you can get any questions answered and discuss all your dental treatment options. So give us a call on 020 8876 5277 or visit our website at www.sheendental.co.ukto find out more about all the treatments we offer. Dr. Harmit Kalsi and his friendly team look forward to meeting you.