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Bleeding Gums – Stop Worrying And Learn To Love Your Hygienist

You’ve probably heard that if you suffer with bleeding gums then it’s a sure fire sign that you have gingivitis (an early stage of gum disease). The good news is that it can be eradicated easily. However gingivitis can cause problems if you’re thinking of undergoing dental implants in Richmond and this is why the issue needs to be dealt with first.

With regard to bleeding gums one of the first questions that many dentists get asked is “My gums are bleeding am I brushing them too hard?” Closely followed by “So, I’ve been brushing them way more gently and the problem still isn’t going away.” It’s a logical concern to have but when you understand the cause of bleeding gums, you’ll realise that the questions raised are counter-intuitive. So what causes them in the first place?

Bacteria collects in the mouth and forms a sticky solution (plaque) which attaches itself to the gumline just below the teeth. If it isn’t removed within 24 hours it can cause the gum to become inflamed. An inflammatory response is the body’s way of dealing with an infection (in this case bacteria). To deal with the problem area, your body tries to deliver immune cells contained within blood to the infected gum. In order to get these cells to the site faster the inflamed site produces extra blood vessels which in turn cause the gum to appear spongy. As a result, one touch with a toothbrush and the area will start to bleed.

While this is all going on, the swelling of the gum can trap the plaque underneath it and because it’s out of reach from the immune system the situation can become worse unless or until the plaque is physically removed. The final nail in the coffin (and this is where I mentioned that some of the questions raised are counter-intuitive) is when patients stop brushing the area altogether for fear of causing more bleeding.

So what should you do?

Daily use of dental floss coupled with regular cleaning is the answer. You should also combine this with regular trips to the hygienist. They can remove excess plaque build up that normal brushing might not be able to access leaving your gums in a strong and healthy state. So having a good hygienist is imperative to good oral health.

If you’re considering having dental implants in Richmond, but suffer with bleeding gums, then consult your hygienist. In addition you might want to speak to Sheen Dental. We’ve been placing implants into the mouths of our patients for many years and as such have a wealth of experience. Why not contact us on 020 8876 5277 or visit our website at www.sheendental.co.uk to see just how we can help you.









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