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Are Cheap Implants A Good Idea?

Dental implants offer patients the most permanent and natural form of teeth replacement that modern dentistry allows. Add to this the skills needed to place them and the materials used in the manufacturing process, then it’s very easy to see why they can cost a small fortune. Having said this, whether you’re considering dental implants in Richmond or indeed Harley Street it’s easy to get hauled in by the idea of cheap implants.

Let’s face it, when you know that dental implants cost somewhere between £800 and £2000 per tooth and you see some advertised for £300-£400 then you probably might be tempted. However before you commit and take the plunge you may want to be a little wary. Here’s why!

Lower grades of titanium alloy

Titanium is used in dental implants for a number of reasons, particularly for it’s ability to naturally fuse with bone and for it’s non-allergenic properties. However it’s also a very expensive material. So in order to get around the cost issue, some manufacturers use lower grades of titanium alloy as opposed to pure titanium. Whilst there is no real evidence to suggest that implants of this nature will cause harm to a patient, they may cause a reaction in some patients which in turn might bring about implant failure.

Much competition

The dental implant market is a lucrative one and one in which many manufacturers are keen to own a slice. Inevitably as more companies enter what is fast becoming a crowded market some won’t survive. Whilst this in itself might not have an immediate effect on a patient, for a clinic that has purchased cheaper implants from a supplier or manufacturer the connotations can be far reaching. If at a later date a patient needs a component part, then chances are that if the manufacturer has gone bust, then it’s highly unlikely that the clinic will be able to get hold of the parts. This means that the patient will have to undergo a complete implant replacement, probably at the cost to the clinic.

So what can we learn?

Firstly patients should be wary of clinics that offer cheap or cut price dental implants and consider the bigger picture. Clinics on the other hand should select implants from tried and tested manufacturers who have longevity behind them. This way they will be as assured as they can be that the manufacturer will still be making implants in 10-20 years time

If you’re considering a dental implant in Richmond then at Sheen Dental we invite all potential patients the opportunity to meet with us first. We offer a free, no obligation consultation whereby patients can ask questions and get their concerns answered. In fact we’re more than happy to talk with you about any aspect of the process including the types of implants we use. So if you’re looking to make an informed decision then contact us on 020 8876 5277 or visit our website at www.sheendental.co.uk and start the ball rolling today!









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