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5 Compelling Justifications for Undergoing Dental Implant Surgery

It’s fair to say that dental implants have totally revolutionised the dental industry. Gone are the days when all dentists could offer patients with broken or missing teeth were partial or full dentures. Nowadays implants are safe, comfortable and most importantly, a permanent solution to tooth loss. Here at Sheen Dental our highly experienced team have been fitting dental implants in Richmond for many years. With this in mind, we feel that we are well-positioned to give you 5 compelling justifications as to why you may want to consider dental implants. Let’s take a look.

Tooth dependency

Dental implants don’t rely on the health and structure of neighbouring teeth as a bridge would. Dental bridges work by utilising the healthy teeth either side of the damaged or missing tooth. This then places extra strain on the healthy teeth to support the bridge and over time, the healthy teeth can become compromised. Instead implants only use the space or gap where the damaged tooth was, leaving the healthy surrounding teeth to carry out their normal everyday function.

Looks great aesthetically

The reason that many people opt for implants is that they are the nearest thing in terms of aesthetics to your normal teeth. Unless you’re a dentist, the truth is that very few people can tell an implant from your real teeth.

Functions just like teeth

Unlike dentures, implants don’t make unnatural noises when the wearer is chewing or speaking. In fact the wearer can feel confident that a dental implant will act and feel just like their normal teeth.

Pain Free

Whether you undergo a dental implant in Richmond, London, or any other clinic throughout the country, you should experience no pain after the implant has settled in. Dentures on the other hand can often cause pain after a while, simply because the bone structure that the dentures sit on can change over time. This means that the denture wearer may have to undergo a series of time-consuming adjustments, whereas with implants, it’s all done and dusted over one period of time.

Avoids embarrassing situations

If there’s one thing a dental implant does better than any other form of tooth replacement is that it gives you back your self-confidence. Implants are never going to slip, fall out, or make you gag whilst eating or speaking, thus avoiding a potentially embarrassing situation.

So there you have it, 5 justifications why you should opt for dental implants. Yes, they are costly and yes implants do involve complex surgical procedures, but what you are left with is a permanent replacement tooth or teeth that will leave you feeling full of confidence and with a real zest for life once more.

If you’re looking for dental implants in Richmond, then contact Sheen Dental on 020 8876 5277 or visit our website at www.sheendental.co.uk  and let our highly experienced team take care of your dental needs.









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