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3 Compelling Reasons Why A Great Looking Smile Can Open Many Doors

One of the most rewarding things about undergoing dental implants in Richmond, or indeed anywhere else in the UK is that the procedure has the ability to restore your smile. While this may not be your number one reason for having them, it’s worth noting that a smile has many benefits and aside from boosting your confidence and well-being it can also open many doors. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the advantages that a great smile can bring.

Makes us more attractive

Past research has proven that people are physically attracted to people that smile and what’s more, if you can do it in a mysterious yet subtle way then studies have shown that this is deemed to be even more attractive to a potential suitor.

People want to be around you

Smiling is contagious. If you’re not convinced, then ask yourself this. Have you ever been in a café on your own and sat opposite a group of people laughing and generally having a good time. Not only does it make you feel good but how often have you felt that you wish you were in on the laughter too? It’s no secret that people tend to gravitate towards those who smile, so if you want to meet more people and broaden your horizons, then break out a smile.

First impressions

People judge by a first impression, which is unfortunate but that’s just the way it is. One way to deliver the perfect first impression, and indeed a lasting one, is to smile more. Statistics show that a happy smiling person is far more likely to succeed at a job interview, land that all-important business client, or even cut-a-dash on a date. In fact smiling is considered so important that even those in telesales are now being taught to smile when they speak on the phone. It conveys friendliness, confidence, and above all sincerity.

So there you have it 3 ways that a great looking smile can open doors! The next time you feel that things just aren’t going your way, then try smiling and watch what happens.

If you are looking to restore your confidence and are desperate to bring back your beautiful smile then contact Sheen Dental. We’ve been successfully fitting dental implants for many years and as such know just how much it means for patients to be able to smile again without having to worry about what people think. Call us today on 020 8876 5277 or visit our website at www.sheendental.co.uk to book your free, no obligation consultation. Our experienced team is standing by to help









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